Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

From Partial repairs to full back to metal refurbishment all levels are catered for. The recommended level of refurbishment made at the quotation stage and depends on the faults found.

Paint Finish

Partial repairs:- If a wheel is in good general condition and has damage that is localised within ¼ of the wheel circumference then a partial repair may be possible. This avoids the need and expense associated to a full refurbishment and can provide a very effective solution in the right conditions. The wheel is full cleaned, damage is removed, the repair area primed and colour coated to match the original, then lacquer is applied locally and blended to the surrounding area. Pricing is from £40+vat per wheel.

Full face repair:- If a wheel has more extensive kerb damage but is corrosion free then a Full face refurbishment may be appropriate. In this case the wheel is full cleaned , the tyre is deflated and pushed back off the bead to allow access. The damage is removed using abrasives then the wheel is primed colour coated to match the original and lacquered. Pricing from £55+vat per wheel for 15" 5 spoke tyre.

Before & After
Wheel Refurbishment Before Wheel Refurbishment After